In the course of my career, whether I was growing someone else’s business or my own, I have come to see that success isn’t about luck or even talent. It’s about discovering a system that reliably produces favorable results for everyone involved, and then surrendering to that system. You may hear the word “system” and inwardly shudder because it sounds so . . . formulaic.

Perhaps even boring. But a system merely provides a framework. The system shows you the steps, but it doesn’t control how you implement or deliver on those steps. It’s not a script. It’s a structure. And something my clients hear me say again and again is that structure gives you freedom. Giving you the freedom to make the difference you know deep down you were put here to make is the aim of the structure that is the Meant for More Formula. With it, you always know what to do next, but you get to bring your own flair, personality, and point of view to how you do it. And that is no small thing because that is how you sell without being sales-y.

Pouring your individuality and great work into my proven structures allows you to simply show up, be yourself, and make the difference you were put here to make—while you reap the rewards that come as a natural response to doing good in the world. We are all seeking structure, whether we’re aware of it or not.

The world is a chaotic place, and the structure helps us feel safe as it also carves out a path to wherever it is we want to go. Even people who quit their corporate jobs because they don’t want to be chained to their desks for eight hours a day will find themselves sitting at the desk in their home office from 9 to 5 if they don’t give themselves an alternate structure to their day—that’s how much we all unconsciously gravitate toward structure.

That’s why I created the Meant for More Formula so that you could have a structure that helps you create a reality that suits you and your unique gifts and dreams instead of submitting to a default structure of doing something you don’t particularly like just to pay the bills. The structure of this book follows the structure of the Meant for More Formula.

Each step of the formula gets its own section:

Step One: Reframe the Game and Make Peace with Sales In this vital first step, you upgrade your mind-set to get on board with the idea of selling and to get inspired by the many wonderful things that your knowing how to sell (without being sales-y, of course) makes possible for yourself and others.

Step Two: Claim Your Gifts Once you’ve opened your mind to thinking differently, it’s time to find and claim your superpowers, or what I call your unique value so that you can start consciously using them to create new results for yourself and the people you can help the most. Discovering your unique value is the key to stepping into your “meant for more” life!

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