New Senior advisor for Cybersecurity policy to the SEC Chairman

After naming Kristina Littman as leader of the division of Enforcement’s Cyber Unit in December, the united states Securities and exchange commission has brought extra fresh blood to its ranks. On Feb. 13, Nancy Sumption was introduced as the successor to Kevin Zerrusen, the previous Senior consultant for Cybersecurity to Jay Claytonm, the Chairman. 

Nancy Sumption has worked in privacy and cybersecurity in finance and healthcare in addition to her two many years of public service as an officer and staff judge recommended within the U.S. Air force, the U.S. intelligence network, and the branch of Justice. In an SEC press launch, Ms. Sumption said:

“I look ahead to operating with [Chairman Clayton], the SEC staff, fellow regulators, and industry to deepen our partnerships to enhance operational resiliency and control cyber risks.”

What Nancy Sumption’s Appointment means for SEC policy

Ms. Sumption isn’t always the most effective recent addition working within the U.S. government to better enhance their knowledge of crypto protection. Andrew Ridenour was named as a senior suggest to the chairman Heath Tarbert, on the Commodity Futures trading commission (CFTC) in Jul. 2019. Ridenour worked at the major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. The SEC additionally employed a crypto professional in Apr. 2019, furthering the organization’s efforts to screen and crackdown on crypto criminals. 

Hopefully, Ms. Sumption’s revel in cybersecurity will assist enhance the SEC’s mechanisms for assessing and responding to dangers. She has been an avid supporter of opportunities to teach others on cybersecurity, information safety, and privacy.

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